Thursday, December 23, 2010


Just like travelling, I've never been a big fan of festivals and occasions.

To me they're just excuses. For the selfishness in humans of not wanting to care all the time. Oh, I think I care about you but I don't really wanna give you presents all year long, so I'll just create Christmas and give one present to you then. (Ditto for Valentine's Day.)

My boss Ming is the complete opposite. He celebrates anything. People coming. People leaving. Manchester winning. Liverpool losing. Coming home from overseas.

Every Christmas, he'd set up a tree, leave the lights on the entire night and get us to stock the bottom of the tree with presents for our Secret Santees. He'd marvel about the light-ups in Orchard Road. Loop Christmas songs in the office til before you know it, you'd memorised the entire CD of Xmas songs.

It's infectious (or maybe the constant looping of Christmas songs was a form of propaganda) and after a couple of Christmases with him, I've grown to like it. And if not for the occasion that brings people together, my friend Ying wouldn't have shattered the glass door in the office during our Xmas party (long story) and we wouldn't have an aluminum one in its place right now.

So every year now, we've been playing the same CD of Christmas songs from Jaci Valasquez, because it was the first folder I found and downloaded, three years ago in our dingy little office, when Ming asked for some Christmas songs to set the mood.

Memories, and it's a nice something to have.

This year I decided to make Scruffy part of the memories. I took the Christmas decorations off the Jipaban office door because I was too cheap to get Scruffy a Santa doggie suit.

Here's to more Christmases to come!

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  1. I liked that post. It was interesting to get someone else's humorous perspe five on Christmas :-)