Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Have you ever felt like there's two parts to your life..

And one portion goes fine.
The other, fine as well.

But they just don't fit?

Like little fridge magnets that I've tried binding together, but the magnets keep repelling each other until they stick on the side of each other than face-on-face.

Or worse yet, they just won't stick.


  1. I know exactly how that feels. But mine is slightly different. My life is in 3 parts. Im one magnet, and have 2 other parts. They both sticks one at a time to me, but when I try to stick both of them to me, they both repel.

    Time to find one part that allows all 3 to stick tgt.

  2. Wah Chim. I.... think it's fine when they don't stick? Unless you perceive it to not be fine when they don't stick ;)

    can't believe it took me this long to find your blog. major blunder because i love the chim-ness! must come more often

    ps: am i the only one who thinks it's chim and cool chim :P

  3. estee: wow ! maybe you're really good at compartmentalizing

    aileen: hahaha i think the new-age word for 'chim' is 'emo'!! i think u're right!! it's all perception aint it....

    ps i hate how emo i sound wish i could be more sarcastically-funny like you are on your blog ;)