Sunday, March 29, 2009

Bike Rally 2009

Honey: Would you ever do this again, next year?
The boys: Why not???

The first 80km was bearable. Thereafter, all the hills, granite and exhaust fumes just made the whole journey seem impossible.

I remembered thinking to myself bitterly, why did I pay $40 to put myself through all of this? or, if I give up now, would all of the other guys hate me?

And then the rain came. The cold was biting into my bones. I shivered with every pedal. It was pure torture, but somehow that was a silver lining, because the cold numbed the agony in some way. My muscles seemed to be able to go on.

We fell asleep at the void deck that we sough shelter in. I remembered dreading that I even woke up. We had to continue. Serangoon to Changi. I told myself it was just a short cycle away.

It wasn't. My shoes had water sloshing about inside. My helmet was incubating germs and sweat. I had abrasions in my nether region because of the long cycle.

But we made it! 12 hours and 127 km later, we made it!

I think this sole experience will suffice, thank you very much.

Picture credits: honey


  1. Wow. 12 hours can die man.

    One small hint. You have to rid the hairs from the insides of your thighs (as well as.... there) so it doesn't chafe you.

  2. Argh! I need this bike rally again so that my fats will go off. I need another excuse to exercise T.T save me... from fatness!!