Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Useless lists I make

Things That May Seem Easy But Are Not Without A Thumb

  1. Opening a sweet wrapper
  2. Tying butterfly knots
  3. Unclasping a bra (if you are a guy, poor you)
  4. Snapping your fingers
  5. Pressing the bus bell
  6. Peeling a banana
  7. Playing Christmas carols on the piano
  8. Okay, fine, I admit that this is a really random picture which Raine took of an unsuspecting me, but I was playing Christmas carols then and I rarely look decent in candid shots, so please indulge me.
  9. Making 3-in-1 Milo (the tricky part is tearing the sachet open)
  10. Wearing your watch
  11. SMS-ing a truckload of friends "Happy New Year!!"
And oh, by the way, Happy 2009 to all of you out there. If you are reading this on New Year's Day, you are a poor sod - you should be out celebrating!

1 comment:

  1. happy new year... brother

    wish you another good year ahead!

    The fight has just started, more work to be done in 2009!

    Time to fight has arrive, I hope we can endure 2009!

    happy new year and I lurv u!