Thursday, April 03, 2008

The Late Night Show on

The Late Night Show On

First up, let our host introduce the show

chaosdingo: cordinally invites you the preview of their new reality show, 'PING YOU LAR! #%!$#$!'

Our stars for the night, dhope...

dhope: quick before daphne SS
dhope: spam!!!
dhope: like
dhope: this!!!
dhope: hope that
dhope: the screen
dhope: will
dhope: move fast!!!

...and paced

paced: tonite u sleep toilet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In this show, our characters are caught up in a whirlwind of disappointment...

dhope: now toilet again...
dhope: damn... too slow...


paced: anyhow hug gal in my presence, never die before issit?

And remorse

dhope: i go do work.... nites people :S

All because of a moment of foolishness.

dhope: Nannywen : I saw it!! I love it!!! Thank you!!! *hugz* (eat abit of tofu)...

While some are busy fighting the war, others remain oblivious to it

uzyn: @wendy you are hosted on a VPS right?

Others indulge in gleeful pity and sympathy

chaosdingo: OH HO HO HO die
nannywen: byebye dhope.. RIP.. nobody can save u now

And some, offer advice...

daphnemaia: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA paced actually hor, pong him! thats a better revenge.. LOL
chaosdingo: just keep quiet dhope and wait for it to blow over, a guy's most powerful weapon is his silence.

Though not necessarily very good advice!

paced: chaos you don't teach him wrong things

In a twist of events, paced starts dishing out dirt about dhope...

paced: when he snores, can bring the roof down one...
paced: then when he sweats, machiam like running tap
paced: he keeps denying, but i think he weighs 80 kg liao
paced: he keeps saying his tummy must rub somemore cos after (a certain date) no more liao...
paced: but that line already saying since 2.5 yrs back

Forcing him into a corner...

dhope: i have no comments.

The corner guys always retreat to...

dhope: i think must DOTA to destress

The corner which ladies refer to as trash

paced: u STILL DARE to dota?!?!??!?!

The corner which hides a deadly trap...

chaosdingo: now u dota u sure gone with the wind~
chaosdingo: literally

And some ladies will go all out to stop it..

paced: i curse you tonite liverpool lose 9-0

But not all ladies, though.

wenderella: what dota? who dota?
ironicgamer: Defense of the Ancients (often referred to as DotA) is a custom scenario for Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne (wiki)

When there is war, some people just like be caught up in the heat of things..

wenderella: i noe wad dota isssss. who play?!?!?!

Some, just love to be bystanders

hendribudi: *picks up popcorn and coke*

Some prefer to stir things up.

daphnemaia: So Mr dhope, do u have any dirt to dish on paced?

But like all wars, sides have to be taken..

chaosdingo: lol. dhope oso guy, we must suppork him!
ntt: awwww.. *pat pat dhope*.. we feel for you man...

Some not necessarily for their own kind

ironicgamer: i support paced
chaosdingo: traitor!

And like all wars, they have to end

dhope: Pacey dear dear dun angry k? Hug hug, kiss kiss... muackz!!

And all that is left, is silence..


  1. Wah that's hilarious.

    Hmm, my comment (in your entry) sounds like a retard, not knowing what's happening.


  2. uzyn: i think it's very cute!! haha

    leonard: what is see no road?? same meaning as catch no ball?

  3. Haha.. i didn't know such dramas were happening in the shoutbox..~

    Good job on posting it nannywen~

  4. hahahahah Oh no... such drama. Poor PACED!!!! *curse dhope curse dhope*