Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Seeing Jacky Cheung in The Flesh

I attended a concert for the first time in my life! Porky won a pair of tickets to Jacky Cheung's concert - The Year Of Jacky Cheung World Tour 07.

I'm not exactly a fan of Jacky Cheung, I'm actually more of a fan of Dicky Cheung.

(By the way, I just found out that Dicky is becoming a father soon! Hurray!)

But, who would say no to a free concert, especially by one of the four Heavenly Kings? Besides, it was my virgin concert!

Porky handed me the tickets for safe-keeping.

Because I'm such a scatterbrain, I made extra effort to remember the exactly pocket that I'd placed the tickets in. I carefully picked out a location, carefully placed the tickets in, and then carefully closed the zipper. Not losing a single ticket made me a proud and happy girl!

Because of some miscalculation Pork and I arrived on the dot. But because all the parking lots at the Indoor Stadium were filled, we had to park pretty far away (and trudge through grass and mud), so we arrived pretty off the dot.

Looking at the mass of people just made my excitement surge even further. I imagined a smashin' concert with lots of jumping around/crying to slow ballads/waving of lightsticks in the air.

I pestered and badgered him to buy us a couple of lightsticks. He refused vehemently to carry one, so I made him buy one just for me alone. My first concert, how can don't have a lightstick to wave in the air??!!

So he was $5 poorer.

The staff put up a huge sign declaring that no photography was allowed during the concert. I wasn't very disappointed since I knew I eventually would sneak a shot or two, but the moment we stepped in, Porky would shoot me a glare whenever I stuck my hand into my bag.

Damn. No photos of the Heavenly King himself! Now I was REALLY disappointed.

Anyway, I think I must have been influenced by TV shows too much; the concert wasn't what I had imagined. No jumping, hysterical screaming or shoving! The closest I got to that was waving my lightstick whenever he said something.

Jacky kicked start the concert with a fast dance. I was impressed! For a man his age, he REALLY shook his bon bon well.

Fine, I admit I was staring at his butt the whole time, but I couldn't help it! I think he knows his butt is the only way he can save his less-than-perfect chereography because he was shaking it so wildly I was afraid it would fall off.

He then spoke to us in Cantonese, which I felt was really sweet! Hearing him converse with us in his mother tongue just gave me a really special feeling. *Sigh*

He then sang his famous ballads.. Jacky has a really, really amazing voice. I think I was dancing with him somewhere else while he crooned his hits. Haha!

For the rest of the concert Jacky Cheung mixed his ballads with some of his fast songs, which I didn't really appreciate. But I guess even top artistes face competition and they have innovate to keep up. Their 'innovation' include pumping up their sex appeal.

It was 2.5 hours later that we decided to leave, partly because he was starting on his faster tracks again. We chatted with the usherers for a bit, and they gave us a chop each on our hands so that we could come back if we changed our minds.

According to them, Jacky still had another hour of encores to belt out.

Nah! We were set on leaving. I was hungry, so we decided to drop by KFC to grab supper.

On the walk back to the car, we chatted about the concert and updated each other on work.

He told me about the previous concerts he'd been to, and I told him about my obsession about Dicky Cheung. It was pretty fun, getting to 'know' each other all over again.

We laughed and joked all the way to our chickens, which have never tasted better ;)

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