Saturday, June 09, 2007

Driving With Qiaoyun

On Friday, Qiaoyun called me out for lunch and I tagged along with her to Bugis to have lunch/run her errands because I had nothing better to do anyway. She drove.

I have the worst direction sense ever. And QY probably has a top ten list consisting of places she only knows how to drive to. Sometimes she just takes public transport even though she has the car because she doesn't know the way there. But to be fair, her direction sense is alot better than mine.

So put Wen and QY in a car together, and you will most probably end up getting... Two Very Lost Girls.

I've lost count the number of times we've gotten lost on the roads together. QY blames me for my lousy map-reading skills which usually gets us more lost; and I blame her for not recognizing Singapore roads after driving for so long.

There was once we got lost trying to get to Orchard Road. I remember there was this roundabout, and we couldn't find our way so we ended up going many, many rounds around the roundabout. In the end, she took a different route and suddenly, we found ourselves in a totally foreign place. I was shrieking away hysterically until she said, "Hey! I recognize this place - it's Yishun!" (She used to live in Yishun.)

Eventually we reached Orchard road. Goonfather was very puzzled: "Why did you girls take 2 hours to get here?"


Anyway, back to my story. So after Bugis, we were supposed to pick Goonfather up from work. Bugis to Raffles Place. Easy!

Wrong. I was chattering away in the car to her, and then she said, "Hey... I think I'm supposed to make a left here.. Oops!" We missed the turn.

After that, some odd-looking decorations came into view. Yay, we were in Chinatown. Then we tried to find a way out while trying to avoid the many one-way streets there. In the end, she called Goonfather for directions and we found our way.

(I'll let you in on a little secret. QY 'talks' to pedestrians.
"Helloooo you can cross now! Look it's a zebra crossing, it's for you to cross. I'll stop here, please cross!")

In spite of all that, we do have success stories. She's my saviour because she saved me once when I left my keys at her place and locked myself at home. She found her way to Pork's place by herself, came to get me with my keys and got me out! We even managed to find the PIE and get ourselves back to her place. Actually, when she said PIE, I led her to wrong one, the route we take when Pork drives me to school. But she found the correct one that leads us back. Haha.

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