Thursday, October 26, 2006

It's a Phony World

It looks sleek, sexy and slim - everything I could ever have wanted in a phone. In spite of its limited utilities and daft functions which I could ignore, I have been happily admiring my newest gadget.

Except, it seems to have brought me nothing but bad luck today.

One function of this phone that makes me so satisfied with it, is its Sudoku games. I had squealed, "Sudoku!!" as if it was the most wonderful thing, to the Pork when I was clicking around, much to his amusement.

Today, on the long bus to school, I whipped it out to indulge in a game of Sudoku. Now, on my bus there are always Ngee Ann students, SIM students and NUS students. Usually when it reaches the polytechnic, the bus empties half of its load. And when it reaches SIM, the other quarter alights. I use these as indicators to alight.

I was really early, and I guess the polytechnic students and SIM students have a knack for being late, because the bus was full throughout, with NUS students. And when I finally realized that my surroundings were becoming increasingly unfamiliar, I'd already reached Kent Ridge.

I cursed the phone for its Sudoku. Not myself, because I was making an effort to look up every now and then.

I was late when I reached lecture. I fumbled around with the phone to switch it to silent mode, and the lecturer growled, "Now Huiwen, you step into the lecture late, and you play around with your phone. That's not a very good makings of a good manager, you know." I gave him a weak smile and flushed a crimson red.
I still couldn't find a way to switch it to silent mode, so I just switched it off.

During break, I finally found the shortcut to silent mode and when I got up, I dropped it.
Argh. That makes a grand total of three times. Within two days.
Congratulations wen, you're a winner.

The Pork commented that I would damage it fast on the first day I bought it, and when I turned to the Goonfather for reassurance, he did double damage by agreeing wholeheartedly.
And then I showed my Mum, and she said, "I give you 6 months."

I guess, its time to return to Retro World.

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  1. nice phone u got there wen.. heehee pls dun drop it so often lar!!!