Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The End

The Mother struck again. This time, full force. She came up with a totally new line:
"Is your face swollen, or is it just fat?"

I got horribly affected by it.
And the last thing I thought would cheer me up, would be Management lecture.

Nonetheless, I emerged out of school happy as a lark, thoroughly enriched by the class, the lecturer's (not so) witty jokes and the satisfaction that I was solidating the knowledge I'd gained; though there was a huge chunk there that I still didn't understand.

After school, we met up for dinner and had our usual How-was-your-day chat. As usual, I chattered on endlessly while he listened, and chipped in here and there occasionally. It's a requisite for me to 'unleash' after a whole day. And that is, by talking.

I complained about several things, beamed about some. I was told that my 'bloated face' was probably caused by too much heatiness, some herbal tea would do. Then I forgot about the comment and continued away with my chattering.

It's been our habit now to turn on the computer for our daily dose of gaming once we reached home. And there it was, a huge glass of herbal tea on the table beside me.

It doesn't matter how your day started, all it matters is how it ends.

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