Monday, September 18, 2006

Of course, the S.O. never mentioned anything about HID lights again.
Of course.

He got a new toy, and chose wisely only to inform me after making plans to buy it. I was somewhere between seething and being dumbfounded when he chattered away excitedly of his new toy, catching faintly words and phrases like, "exhaust pipe".. "original mazda speed"... "brand new"... "costs $400"... "now 80 bucks only"... "meeting guy tomorrow"...

The next day, I was sitting in his car, bewildered by the loud sound his modification gave him. Like those old motorcycles you know, brooooom.. BAVROOOOMMMM!

For three hours straight, he droned on about his new exhaust.
In the bookshop. Walking on the streets. Somewhere in the middle of our conversation, he'd switch topic.

When we met Ely and Uncle, he started enthusiastically again about it, happy to have a new audience to ramble on to.

And then at night when he met the Goonfather, whose eyes were wide when he heard the sound, he repeated his story animatedly, even happier to find someone who was actually interested in what he was talking about.

My mood had changed from amusement, to sulky, and now, to envy.
Me: "I never seen you so happy before."
Him: "Big boy has new toy!"

I'm seriously contemplating dressing up as car parts when I need to catch his attention. I think it would serve its purpose.

Then again, watching his face light up everytime he talked about his new toy, I found myself smiling with him.
Men are big boys in disguise.


  1. Dun need to dress up AS car parts... just dress up WITH car parts.

    Y'know, like HID bulb necklace, turbo impeller bangles, iridium spark plug ear-rings...

  2. Damn.... I think I post comments at the wrong place. lol!! Shows that I ain't no geek! Just dress up like a Mazdaspeed race queen, and you are his price possession. Btw, what is S.O?? Asshole?

  3. No use denying your geek-hood. It just shows that you're a clueless geek. Hur hur.