Tuesday, August 08, 2006

I succeeded in being the class nerd. (And making known that I'm one.)
Very soon, I'll evolve into the full-blown disease...
By becoming teacher's pet.

Class started with me and shuxiang (yes, I know I know, I made a friend) running 5 minutes late into the lecture. Immediately we plopped down right at the front, where the whole row of empty seats beckoned to us.

Mr Nageb loves to ask questions. And he loves to direct those questions at students sitting in the front or along the aisles. Thank goodness he loves to answer them himself.
It was no wonder that within 2 hours, the lecture knew my name, because of his inability to pronounce it ("HUAY-wern").

At the end of the lecture, I did the ultimate nerd/teacher's pet thing.
I said chirpily, "Good-bye Mr Nageb!"
And I waved.


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