Saturday, April 01, 2006

It started off as our usual arguments about the most trivial matters.
Normally I would shut up after a few heated words, to save myself from conjuring up more wicked words and also all the screaming, but this time, I couldn't resist. She was throwing too many personal attacks on me, I had to rebutt.

More heated words exchanged. More anger. More frustration. More screaming.

"You're such a bitch, maybe that's why Damien dumped you in the first place."

She said it. Without a single bat of eyelid. No remorse after the words sank into complete silence. No idea that they pierced through my heart as I put on a nonchalant front.

Thanks sister. For making me think about that failed relationship and wonder if it happened because of me.


  1. That was really mean of her. Hope you're feeling ok now. Well, you looked pretty ok when I saw you. But I know you're very good at hiding your pain and emotions. Well, anyway, *hugs*

  2. don't be sad... i'm sure she dun meant what she say... hey i booked my basic theory ALREADY!!! how about ya?? stop WAITING!!!!!! lol

  3. u know ur sister is a bitch so dun listen to bitches words.. keke

    i hope you have moved on n embrace the future.. let watever happens be memories n gradually open ur heart..

    i dun consider u had a failed relationship.. it's only tat fate decree that your chapter with him has come to a close n fate wants u to look forward and start a new chapter in life..